Professional GPS Surveillance
One of the most reliable ways of locating is GPS Surveillance. The position of the GPS transmitter is determined by satellites. These can determine a point of view on 5 to 20 meters exactly. The most common application is the vehicle monitoring because equipped with a GPS transmitter, a vehicle can be easily and conveniently located. This can especially help with company cars to create log books or serve to monitor the fleet. But the person monitoring by GPS Surveillance is possible. This can be helpful for locating helpless persons such as dementia patients or even children or for tracking outdoor athletes.
GPS Surveillance with our SpyShop professional equipment
Equipped with a GPS transmitter, a vehicle can be easily located in case of theft. Even in construction vehicles and in agriculture, the GPS Surveillance is now often used. Even the timber industry today relies on GPS Surveillance. Because with wood theft, this can easily be traced back if it was previously equipped with one of our transmitters. Thus, high losses can be quickly limited by theft.
The GPS Surveillance also makes the sport safer
In many sports in the outdoor area, the use of GPS is also useful. This way, missing hikers can easily be located with GPS stations and, if necessary, rescued. Even some skiers have been found thanks to GPS already off the slopes and avalanche accidents and so saved.

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