GPS Accessoires

Proven GPS accessories
To be able to use GPS devices properly, you need the right accessories. GPS transmitters work with SIM cards. These are no longer or rarely available without customer information.
Necessary GPS accessories
Using the SIM card, a GPS device can transmit its location via SMS. For example, finding a vehicle with a GPS transmitter is child’s play. Tracking is even more convenient with the Gtracker tracking portal. With an annual subscription from you can conveniently track your GPS stations online from home or work, no matter where you are. With the free app from, you can always keep track of your tracked destinations on the go with your smartphone and react quickly when a destination moves out of your defined radius. You can be notified by text message, email, or call if any of your destinations changes location.
GPS use made easy: with our GPS accessories
GPS devices are among the most popular tracking tools ever. No wonder because their use is particularly easy, they can be placed very quickly and their detection accuracy is accurate to 5 to 20 meters. GPS transmitters operate by satellite signals. In the process, mobile radio signals are located and calculated. The result is the exact position of the transmitter. To get the most out of a GPS transmitter, you need to use the right accessories. This primarily includes a powerful battery. If the GPS transmitter has been discretely installed, frequent battery replacement can be a problem as the transmitter can be detected. The longer the battery lasts, the safer the GPS transmitter remains undetected. Not only the choice of the right battery affects the tracking result, the other accessories should be chosen with care. In some cases it is simply not advisable to use a self-activated SIM card in the GPS transmitter. That’s why gives you activated SIM cards without stored customer data that allow you to easily and discretely equip and locate your GPS transmitter.

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