Forensics equipment
Forensics investigates criminal acts with scientific and technical aids. Thereby an extraordinary value is placed on the care. Accordingly, not all technical tools can be used for forensics. Commercially available devices are often not sufficient for forensic investigations. Therefore, special equipment and accessories for the requirements of forensics are developed and certified.
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The equipment offered by in the category forensics is certified, tested and recommended and optimized for professional use. Whether it is the special lamp for fast and handy checking of fake documents or the smartphone case, which blocks any kind of signals and thus protects the mobile phone against all external access, the accessories offered here are ideally suited for the high, forensic standard.

Since forensics is mainly about securing and establishing traces, special care must be taken. That this is not necessarily possible with conventional equipment and accessories, is obvious. Therefore, forensic devices and their accessories are constantly evolving to meet the ever-growing demands of this science. With special certificate examinations and standards only the best material is offered.
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Only in this way can thorough results and research be guaranteed. Our forensics equipment products are therefore just right for the forensic sector. They comply with all common standards and are certified accordingly. Because only with good quality of the daily work of investigators is very simplified and only in this way can successes in the search for clues, be celebrated in forensics. To support this, we have included a forensic equipment in our assortment.

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