Various Audio Tools

Various audio devices

Similar to how a doctor listens to a body, a wall can be listened to. As a result, noises from an adjoining room can be heard clearly and clearly. For this purpose, a probe is attached to the corresponding wall. The wall can now be monitored with the device. Talks and similar sounds are transmitted through the probe to the headphones. The probe picks up the sound waves from the adjacent room, whether through steel walls, wooden walls or cement walls. You can witness the conversation without first having to place a recording device. Wall stethoscopes are available in different sizes and dimensions. They are powered by rechargeable batteries installed in the device.

Monitoring through our audio equipment

Sometimes you just have to know what’s going on in the room next door. If one has a concrete suspicion, this can be confirmed or eliminated by interception. Also, for the prevention of crime, the interception is often used. However, one does not always have access to the corresponding rooms and thus can not place a recording device. In such cases, other means must be resorted to. The wall stethoscopes mentioned are easy to use and cautious in their work. The contained probes are particularly sensitive and can absorb any small noise. You can not miss any sound. In this way, conversations in the appropriate room can be heard clearly and clearly, just as if you were present. With the wall stethoscopes from our assortment you can not miss anything important. Depending on the size of the wall stethoscopes different building materials can be penetrated, even the sound waves through thick steel and concrete walls takes this little spy with impressive hearing on easily.

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