Wall Stethoscope small


This small wall stethoscope enables you to listen through walls. You just have to hold the device against the wall behind which you would like to listen to a conversation or to other sounds and noises. The stethoscope is small, lightweight and easy to use. It offers you the transmission of voice. By using the volume and loudspeaker control you can also listen to silent conversations by amplifying them. The stethoscope amplifies the sound waves and you can understand and hear everything with your earphones.The stethoscope boosts the acoustic waves and you are able to listen to the conversations with your earphones. The stethoscope runs with a rechargeable battery, you can put it on wooden walls, door frames, steel walls, etc

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1, To ensure proper use, make sure the battery is fully charged
2, Connect the earphones
3, Turn the main switch clockwise to turn the device on
4, you can adjust the volume until you hear a clear voice or a clear sound
5, The device provides the highest audio gain by several 2000 times
6, you can hear through cement walls, steel walls, wooden walls, glass cavity bricks, etc.

Technical data:

• Silver
• Dimensions: 43 mm x 36 mm
• Power supply: Built-in rechargeable battery