Audio surveillance

Audio surveillance
The technical requirements for audio surveillance devices are growing steadily. In addition to reliable records, features such as memory capacity and battery life are important audio monitoring criteria. Here, the individual device outputs vary. Which is the right device depends entirely on the needs of the observer. For longer-term audio surveillance, listening devices are well suited. These can be placed either in camouflaged objects or in hidden attached devices, so-called “bugs”.
Discrete solutions for audio surveillance
In a covert investigation, for example, a recording device is required, which can be worn inconspicuously on the body. Disguised recording devices for audio surveillance are used more and more often. After all, the microphones are so small that they are usually not detected, even on closer inspection.

For audio surveillance, most people usually look for a discrete solution with a listening device from our shop. Use our well-camouflaged audio recorders, which are installed in items such as pens, power banks or others. In addition, our audio monitoring devices are also very popular in animal research.
Small & efficient audio surveillance devices
Many of our models are so small that you can easily take them with you in any bag. An electronic amplifier increases the volume and improves the audio result. The reading of the audio files, the stored recordings, is easily done via integrated USB plug. The device is simply plugged into your PC and you can access all audio data.

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