Card-size audio recorder


This audio recorder is small in size but big in performance. The size of a check card makes it easy to hide.

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This check-type case houses a highly sensitive audio recorder. With an audio
quality in 192kbps in WAV format you will get perfect shots. On the 8GB large
memory fit a total of 94 hours of recordings. With one charge, the device runs for
up to 80 hours. With a standard headphone cable (not included) you can listen to
the recordings immediately.

Technical parameters:

-) Audio format WAV 192kbps, 48KHz

-) one-key recording

-) Built-in 8GB memory for 94 hours recording

-) 80 hours recording with one battery charge

-) Playback via headset (not included)

-) Operating system Windows2000 / XP / 7/8/10

-) Size 69 x 42 x 5.5mm

Delivery contents:

-) Audio Recorder

-) Charging cable

-) Charging plug

-) Operation manual