Recording devices for detectives
Recorders should be one thing above all else: small and powerful. Here you will find recording devices that have already proven themselves in everyday life due to their technology and discretion. No matter in which field of application, these recording devices promise an excellent recording quality and data evaluation. The ease of use often facilitates the use and placement of the devices. Best sound quality ensures good results no matter where you place the recorder.
High-quality recordings with our recording devices
If you want to discreetly monitor a room or an area, then the use of a recording device offers itself. Hidden, the selected device can record all sounds within the room or at the location for extended periods of time. The high-quality recordings can then later be conveniently evaluated on the computer. Thanks to the equipment with high-quality batteries, the recording devices offered have a long service life and are mostly suitable for long-term monitoring. Should the battery be empty after all, it can be easily and quickly replaced with all devices, depending on where you place the recording devices.

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