Detective Audio Accessories

Our audio accessory for detectives will assist you in your work with audio surveillance equipment. A sound recording device can only be as good as its accessories. Therefore, here you will find everything you need for a high-quality and thorough audio monitoring. High-performance batteries are an important part of the audio monitoring equipment. Because nothing is more annoying than when a monitor fails due to an empty battery or can not be charged soon enough because the right charging cable is missing!

High-quality and reliable audio accessories

The accessories are in all cases high-quality and particularly well adapted to the needs of audio equipment. This will make your daily life easier and will be perfectly supported in your work with audio surveillance equipment. Special emphasis was placed on the easy handling of the accessories. For example, the batteries listed here can be replaced incredibly quickly and have a particularly long lifetime. Extension cords help you if your monitor is not easily accessible. No matter which accessory you choose, the monitoring process will always make your life easier.