Counter Surveillance

Efficient monitoring defense
If there is a suspicion that a room is being tapped, there are various ways to check this suspicion. Listening devices can be easily detected with a bug finder. The monitoring device emits an audible signal when a listening device is nearby. Following this signal, the bug is found quickly and can be removed. Also GPS trackers can be tracked fast in this way.
The surveillance defense is ready to use
If a covert camera is suspected, it can be found quickly with a camera lens finder. When switched on, the device is held in front of the eye and indicates the placement of the hidden camera by reflection of the camera lens. This allows unintentional video surveillance to be revealed within minutes. With the right accessories monitoring is prevented quickly, conveniently and unbureaucratically.

Especially in meeting rooms or where generally sensitive data and topics are exchanged, espionage is often used. There are many means and devices for spying. But just as easily such a suspicion can also be eliminated or confirmed. The use of surveillance defense is just as easy and careful as the surveillance itself.
Counterintelligence with our anti-surveillance devices
In times when corporate espionage is booming, where everyone wants to know what level of sophistication the competitor is, or by intercepting evidence of crime, surveillance is particularly important in these times. Depending on your suspicions, will find the right device to dispel this suspicion or at worst to confirm it.
Successful surveillance defense with little effort
With relatively little effort can be determined with our products, whether a suspicion is justified. This can be done quickly and discreetly, as with the reliable bug finder or thoroughly and carefully as with the practical and small Camera Lens Finder.

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