Bug finder Handset in highly professional engrossment


If you suspect that your premises are bugged, you can quickly bring clarity to yourself. The device is easy to use and covers a large frequency range. The device differs from the smaller device (article number ÜAW-0003) by processing quality, frequency range and sensitivity.

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Protect yourself effectively against radio and GSM listening devices (bugs). Due to the high frequency range (1 MHz to 6 GHz) the little helper escapes absolutely nothing! You can use the controller of the device to control the sensitivity and be informed after finding a listening device by sound and LED signals. Once this is the case, move closer and closer in the direction from which the signals are displayed. So you have quickly discovered the “listener” and can make it harmless. Since GPS locating devices also send their position signals via the GSM network, you will quickly find what you are looking for –even on your vehicle- if a tracker is installed.


Frequency range: 1 MHz – 6 GHz
Main frequency range: 1 MHz – 6 GHz
Radius: up to 30 meters
GSM800, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900, PHS1900, CDMA850, 3G and WiFi, Bluetooth
Sensitivity: <0.05mw Dynamic range: 70dB Indicator Modes: 10 levels LED lights and sound Power: 3.7V battery Dimensions: 118x62x22mm