Pocket-sized camera lens finder


You are not sure if you are being watched by hidden cameras? We have a reliable but simple solution for you. Soon you can sleep peacefully again!

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Without technical precognition, you can use the device immediately as soon as you have charged it. Switch on the device, select the light frequency of the diodes via the switch on the back and hold the device in front of the eye. As soon as you look through the round window and move around with the device in the room, you will see every camera lens through the reflection, even when it is really well camouflaged in an everyday object. There is no easier way to protect yourself and your privacy.

Technical specifications:
• Detects CCD and CMOS cameras
• Built-in, extremely bright LEDs up to 110000 CMD brightness
• Mini size, barely larger than a matchbox (42x48x9mm)
• 5 modes for the light intervals, easy to use
• Built-in, strong and rechargeable Lion battery
• Power: built-in battery 3.7V 500mA
• Charge: 5-6VDC 500mA
• Power consumption: less than 100mA

Scope of Delivery:

• Camera Finder
• Charger