Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance
If video surveillance is required, special care should be taken when choosing the material. Especially if the monitoring is to be discreet, powerful devices with good camouflage are crucial for the success of the monitoring.

Complete solutions for video surveillance for private and professional purposes
Our surveillance camera offerings are for devices for different purposes: concealed video surveillance for the company, home and garden, also for outdoor use, indoors or as undercover surveillance cameras in mobile use.
Whether it should be a hidden built-in video module or a camcorder camouflaged in an everyday object: There are many ways for a hidden video surveillance. Especially with the everyday objects with camouflaged cameras of the imagination are virtually unlimited. Whether camouflaged in a clock radio or in a wristwatch, there are countless items that can be converted into a hiding place for a camera. However, it is always important that the item does not suspect.

Almost limitless technical possibilities for video surveillance
The technical possibilities are also wide-ranging. The spectrum ranges from simple recording devices to sensitive technology with motion sensors. These are especially useful if the monitored area is not frequented around the clock, but only at irregular times or rarely visited. In these cases, the recording is controlled by the motion sensor, which only starts and records when it is moving. This allows you a highly efficient video surveillance!

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