Charging adapter with full HD camera and WiFi


Who charges smartphones and similar devices (cameras, powerbanks, etc.), can now kill two birds with one stone: Charging, recording and (for Internet connection) remotely controlling via app for iOS and Android! Perhaps the best camouflage for your location.

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With the charging adapter, you can not only refuel terminal equipment with the USB charging slot. You can also get wonderful video recording quality in 1080p Full HD with this unit. Whether you usually charge your devices in the living room, bedroom or office. Everyone in your area will have gotten used to the charging adapter in the wall socket. The lens is not visible and since the device is indeed supplied with continuous electric current, you do not need to worry about a battery. Of course you can also operate the device with motion detection. Then recording is only started when something moves in front of the optics. Thereafter, the recording rests again. When the memory is full, the camera starts overwriting the oldest recordings again, so it offers you loop recording. When there are movements, the camera will send a signal to your smartphone and you can watch live what is happening in the room.

Product features:
Continuous power supply when the device is placed in the socket Video resolution: 1920 * 1080
Video format: H.264
Frames per second: 30fps
Loop recording (= ring data memory)
Storage medium: internal memory 8GB
Ring data storage motion detection
Invisible lens
Dual USB Output: 5V / 1A