GPS Trackers that professionals use
GPS Trackers are mainly used for locating and tracking vehicles. It is particularly important to obstruct the GPS transmitter well because discretion is also an important issue here. The location of stolen vehicles is a major reason for installing a GPS transmitter in the vehicle.
Person tracking by our GPS transmitter
But more and more GPS Trackers are used not only to locate vehicles, but also to locate people. Especially the stay of family members and here especially with children is a very big topic. Persons equipped with GPS stations can be located easily and quickly. This can be advantageous, for example, for people in need of help. Should the person get lost, our GPS Trackers can quickly determine the whereabouts.
Versatile use of our GPS Trackers
Outdoor athletes equipped with GPS transmitters also have a better chance of rescue in the event of a disaster. If the signal of a missing athlete is located, a rescue can be initiated quickly. Especially in mountain sports GPS stations are particularly popular. Many a climber could only be discovered with a GPS Tracker in a crevice. Even pets are nowadays increasingly equipped with GPS transmitters. A small transmitter attached to the collar of a cat leaves it easy to locate if the cat does not come home from her strays again.

Important information: In order to equip a responsible person with a transmitter, it also requires their consent in cases of suspicion. As with the use of GPS stations with third-party property. This should always be clarified before using the GPS Tracker.

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