Gtracker GT-U for iOS


The GT-U is a completely concealed locating device. Camouflaged as a fully functional charging cable it can also localize and offers you with phone call the possibility to listen to what happens around the device.

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Plug in a Nano SIM card into the larger part of the charging cable and connect it, for example to a USB socket in the vehicle.
On SMS command the device responds with a Google hyperlink which shows the current position.
Attention: NO GPS detection, but only an LBS or GSM location.
So it is not as accurate as the location of our GPS stations!
You can also call the number of the SIM card and listen to what happens in the vicinity of the device. You can also let this unit call you as soon as it receives a sound source. The device is supplied with power via the USB plug power source.

Especially in the urban area, the small stealth dwarf performs really well.

Operating frequency 850MHZ, 900MHZ, 1800MHZ, 1900MHZ

Matters needing attention:

1 This product needs external power supply equipment for usage.

2 This product does not have a waterproof function, avoid contact with water.

3 Installation: please pay attention to the GSM network signal strength, do not install at a place without signal or with a weak signal, so that it does not affect the usage.

4 Phone card: please reboot or determine the external power supply, the power supply equipment is normal