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Spy Shop - surveillance devices from professionals for professionals

There are many providers of monitoring equipment. The operator of this shop has been in the security industry since 1985 and a state-certified and licensed professional detective since 1995. Due to the necessity of daily use of surveillance technology, the idea arose to also provide colleagues, companies and private individuals with security equipment. This is how this detective shop was created, where only tested monitoring devices are offered.

Monitoring devices from practice in the detective agency shop

We detectives also use the devices offered here in everyday work after we have extensively tested them. Wir sind nicht bloß Händler – das hebt uns von den meisten Mitbewerbern ab. We sell highly professional tools, not just toys. In addition to many practical features, modern styles, stable quality and versatile application options, you will quickly learn to appreciate our monitoring devices. In our Spy Shop you will find everything for detectives as well as for personal use. Our monitoring devices meet the requirements that are necessary to enable usable evidence.

Spy shop with products from everyday detective life

We are happy to answer questions about our products by e-mail or by phone Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Monitoring devices from the detective practice!

Many possible uses of our Spy Shop monitoring devices

Our Spy Shop offers individuals, companies, schools, private investigators, authorities, public institutions or organizations easy-to-use security and surveillance equipment.

Our product selection is limited to tested and necessary monitoring devices and the prices are absolutely customer-friendly. We have deliberately avoided gadgets or gadgets! We offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, camouflaged WiFi cameras, various recording devices, hidden cameras such as nanny cams and precise GPS trackers.

Our detective agency shop has the right surveillance technology

Regardless of whether you are looking for a mini camera or a listening microphone. Perhaps radio monitoring is necessary for your next assignment? All of these monitoring devices can be conveniently bought in the Spy Shop.

Our detective agency shop offers all those items that are necessary to carry out a promising observation. If you want to collect conclusive information, you will find the right accessories from us. We look forward to your purchase!