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  • Hochwertiges Klebeband

Mounting kit for GPS transmitter


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You are an investigator and desperate because of the fact that more and
more vehicle manufacturers manufacture their vehicle underbody made of aluminum
and / or plastic, so that no magnetic transmitter adheres? Forget about your
worries – we have the solution!

Auf Lager!

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Product Description

So far, government and private sector investigators had to make enormous
efforts when it comes to attaching GPS transmitters under vehicles whose bottom is
made entirely of aluminum and / or plastic. The special kneading compounds which
could only be touched with rubber gloves and had to be brought to a suitable
temperature by the means of a hair dryer, caused enormous expenditure of time
during installation. Effort that was often not possible, because a procedure based
on the principle “hit and run” was the only solution.

The Sanoj tape is a double-sided foam tape that sticks to it. We have
extensively tested it and may report that it withstands any wet weather as well as
temperature differences of 25 degrees. The manufacturer recommends a mounting not
less than 10 degrees plus – we have successfully installed the tape even at
temperatures far below. You only need to clean the subfloor for a short time. All
you need is a tar and tree resin remover or a silicone spray. Spray briefly on a
cloth, wipe over the subfloor, then wipe dry again and apply the tape. Whether you
stick this directly to the transmitter or on a small metal plate (on which the
magnetic transmitter is then grafted), is up to you and your requirements.

Contents of the kit:

-) double sided Sanoj tape (25mm x 10m)

-) 3 pieces of black lacquered metal plates in the dimensions 70mm x 70mm x 0.5mm