Gtracker GT-W


The Gtracker GT-W is the dwarf in the family of our mobile and energy-autonomous GPS transmitters. Splashproof and in the smallest dimensions, it is quickly mounted to perform excellent locating work. You can not attach any of the magnetic transmitters to the target vehicle because the underbody is made of aluminum and plastic only? With a strong tape, you attach the 57-gram tiny device really quickly. Also for the pursuit of smaller packages it is best suitable. NOTE: Of course you can locate the transmitter P2P by SMS. However, it is much more comfortable if you use our tracking portal from Gtracker (including a free app). In this case, you will then not only point locations, but also current, second-rate movements and also historical logbooks are available. We are also happy  to configure a globally operating SIM card for you and deliver the device together with it.

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Use the GPS transmitter easily and uncomplicated – you will be amazed! Location of cars, trucks, freight containers, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, cargo pallets, trailers etc. Switching on, positioning and locating. Nothing is easier and technical knowledge is not necessary. There is only one slide switch to activate and one charge socket – nothing more.

Further features:

-) Settings can be changed remotely via SMS

-) Geofencing (you define a radius, if you want to have a notification that the arrival or departure of the transmitter in this area is notified)

-) Motion alarm

-) Speed ​​limit alarm

-) Query the battery level

-) Battery-saving sleep mode when not moving

-) Running time at full-power operation about 7 days

-) and many more!


Technical parameters:

Dimensions: 50mm x 47mm x 22mm

Weight: 57g

Network: GSM / GPRS

Bandwidth: 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz


GPS sensitivity: -159dBm

GPS accuracy: 5m

Start parameters: Cold: 35-80s, Warm: 35s, Hot: 1s

Vehicle Charger: 12-24V input / 5V output

Mains charger: 110-220V input / 5V output

Battery: rechargeable 3.7V 1.400mAh Li-ion battery

Standby: up to 30 days in passive mode

Working temperature: -20 to +55 degrees