Gtracker location portal for one year


With the Gtracker location portal you can find the current position of your destinations in real time in the office or with our free app for iOS or Android. The data is retrieved via a freely definable interval, which you determine yourself. In order to be even more efficient, our motion alarm (geofencing) alerts you immediately when the GPS transmitter is removed from a range defined by you. In this case, our system notifies you by e-mail, SMS or gives you a call. The GPS positioning system also serves as a “digital travel book” with export functions, so that you can present all locations in a comprehensible manner.

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Features at a glance:

• Track goals online
• Track mobile targets on your smartphone
• Real-time display of all destinations and stations
• Save your target data for 6 months
• The retrieval of the data is freely definable
• Motion alarm (geofencing)
• Notification by e-mail, SMS or call
• Digital logbook with export functions