Audio recorder in clip-on clip


This audio recorder is small in size but big in performance. Clasp it in
the inside pocket of your jacket or another place. Your creativity does not
know any limits.

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In this clip a highly sensitive audio recorder is built in. With an audio quality in 192kbps in WAV format you will get perfect shots. On the 8GB large memory fit a total of 94 hours of recordings. With one charge the device runs for up to 50 hours. With a standard headphone cable (not included) you can listen to the recordings immediately. Technical parameters:


Storage capacity 8GB
Recording time 50 hours
Storage time 94 hours
Recording format WAV
Sampling Rate 192kbps 48Hz
Playback with headset (not included)
Size 60 x 25 x 8mm
Operating System MAC and all Windows systems over Win98