Gtracker GT-F


The Gtracker GT-F is the fix-mounting device in the family of our mobile GPS transmitters. The device is connected to the car battery and also has an internal buffer battery. If the battery of the vehicle should be disconnected in the course of theft, the unit goes on transmitting. The device size also allows the installation in motorcycles.

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Of course, you can also locate the transmitter via P2P, by SMS. It is much more comfortable, however, if you use our Gtracker location portal (including free app).
In this case, you have then not only point locations, but also current, second-to-moment movements as well as past driving books. We will gladly configure a SIM card for you and deliver the device with it. It is working worldwide.
You can also connect a microphone to the GT-F, block the fuel supply from afar and other functions, such as a fuel gauge to stop fuel theft in your vehicle fleet.

Further features:

-) Settings remotely changeable via SMS
-) Geofencing (you define a circumference if you want an incoming or outgoing station in this area to be signaled with notification)
-) Movement alarm
-) Alarm in case of speed violation
-) Sleep mode during non-movement
-) Possibility to connect a microphone in order to be able to listen to the transmitter environment

Technical parameters:

Content Specs.
Dim. 94mm x 45mm x 10mm
Weight 85g
Network GSM/GPRS
Band 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
GPS sensitivity -159dBm
GPS accuracy 10m
Time To First Fix Cold status 35-80s
Warm status 35s
Hot status 1s
voltage input 9-75V input

Battery Build-in 3.7V 370mAh Li-ion battery
Storage Temp. -40°C to +85°C
Operation Temp. -20°C to +55°C
Humidity 5%–95% non-condensing