Extension Cord Detector


A unique device designed for the easy detection of wiretaps or any other listening devices hidden in extension cords. Unlike traditional signal detectors, the detector can detect even inactive wiretapping or dictaphones.
This is due to the unique approach in detection technology.
It is designed specifically to uncover only the devices that are placed inside cords.

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Power strips or extension cords are the most common hiding places for interception and recording devices.
Checking the usual signal detector may not be reliable, as some of those devices could be installed in the so called stand-by mode. The best way of testing would be personal examination, nonetheless this process can become very lengthy. This is why we have introduced this high-quality Extension Cord Detector.

NOTE: In order for the detector to work properly, the extension cord has to be without anything plugged in – neither any USB chargers nor any other chargers. The detector works on the basis of detecting any circuit that is present.
This Extention Cord Detector comes in the standard EU design and can be used for various plugs or extension cords.
It‘s powered by a very quick and small microprocessor.

Detecting of the following devices:

• Listening devices (GSM bugs)
• Recording devices (Dictaphones, Voice Recorders)
• Pulse devices (Wifi based devices and pulse bugs)
• UHF & VHF devices


• Detecting of active and passive listening devices
• All electronic devices are found (even the most advanced pulse sending listening devices)
• Detection of all devices in stand by mode
• Small and efficient microprocessor
• Detection takes less than 3 seconds

Package Contents:
• Extension cord detector
• Charger 12V