Forensic Loupe HS-525


Do you have documents, identity cards and banknotes where you need to check the authenticity?
This HS Series device will help you with a remarkable 32X magnification and the ability to take photos / videos. Members of the executive and border guards, but also forensic experts are enthusiastic.

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The HS-525 document validator is the flagship of the HS series and has a high quality look.
The operation is via USB cable. Even high-quality forgeries and falsifications can now be easily recognized. Different incident / grazing / oblique modes let you see the smallest details. Paper damage, printer falsifications, and deviations in the micro-typefaces as well as in flat and high-pressure printing or in the embossing stamp are no longer a problem for you. The 980 nanometer infrared diode laser also lets you see the anti-stokes effect.  Connect the device via USB cable to a PC / laptop. Without further installation of software the computer recognizes the magnifying glass as a camera and you see everything with the eye of the loupe on the monitor. Now you can not only identify forgeries / falsifications, but also save videos and photos from this investigation. So your proof is securely stored. It offers a plug-and-play solution for efficient use.


Technical parameters:

-) 30x magnification
-) High quality optics
-) Video image presentation on PC / Laptop
-) Storage of videos / photos
-) Multiple illumination in incident, oblique and grazing light
-) UV-A light (365nm)
-) UV-C light (254nm)
-) IR light (850nm)
-) IR light (940nm)
-) Blue-Light (470nm)
-) IR anti-Stokes laser in the 980 nanometer range
-) Operation via USB cable

-) Size 90 x 46 x 62 mm


Delivery contents:

-) USB cable
-) Description
-) Forensic Loupe