Forensic Loupe HS-520


Do you have documents, identity cards and banknotes of which you need to check their authenticity?
This HS Series device will help you with remarkable 32X magnification and the ability to take photos / videos. Members of the executive and border guards, but also forensic experts are enthusiastic about this device.

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The HS-520 document validator has a high quality look. The operation is via USB cable. Even high-quality forgeries and falsifications can now be easily recognized.
Different incident / grazing / oblique modes let you see even the smallest details.
Paper damage, printer falsifications and deviations in the micro-typefaces as well as in flat and high-pressure printing or in the embossing stamp are no longer a problem for you.
Connect the device via USB cable to a PC / laptop. Without further installation of software the computer recognizes the magnifying glass as a camera and you see everything with the eye of the loupe on the monitor. Now you can not only identify forgeries / falsifications, but also save videos and photos from this investigation.  So your proof is stored and memorized. This is a plug-and-play solution for the efficient use.


Technical parameters:

-) 30x magnification
-) High quality optics
-) Video image presentation on PC / Laptop
-) Storage of videos / photos
-) Multiple illumination in incident, oblique and grazing light
-) UV-A light (365nm)
-) UV-C light (254nm)

-) IR light (850nm)
-) IR light (940nm)
-) Blue-Light (470nm)
-) Operation via USB cable
-) Size 90 x 46 x 62 mm



Delivery contents:

-) USB cable
-) Description
-) Forensic Loupe