Mini Power Bank Vox 25


With this simple device you can monitor objects in your office or home for 25 days (voice activation idle time). All you have to do is to place the unit on the table and leave it there. The camera is using our voice activated unit, developed for very low consumtpion, in combination with a pinhole camera. It‘s virtually invisible.

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The voice activated power bank was developed for a long term usage, it is a combination of a voice activation system, which consumes very little mAh which triggers a camera. It is a normal powerbank which can be placed anywhere in your office and will be triggered only when there is some noise. The noise activation is very sensitive, as it is natively set for 40db. When you need adjustment, it‘s important to specify it.

Control: There is a supplied remote control, which lets you control the unit comfortably, it has the following functions: Switch between video modes | Capture a picture | Power

VOX activation: Very sensitive microphones which are able to sense noises to turn on the camera recording

Size: Miniature size 97 x 45 x 21mm makes this device an ideal device which can be attached to your keys for example. Especially for normal covert usage, since most of the pens and keychains are nowadays known to everyone.

Recording functions: There are 2 different modes in which the PowerBank VOX 25 can operate. Noise detection | Camera detection (more consumption)

Battery life: Incredible battery life- it goes up to 25 days in the VOICE detection mode. While using the 32gb for 720p the time is 8-9 hours of footage. For 480p the time is up to 60 hours.

Video HD and VGA
Capacity up to 32 gb
FPS 24
Recording mode Continuous recording | VOX activated recording | Movement activated recording (high battery consumption)
Max. recording 6 hours
Viewing angle 70 degrees
Battery capacity 1800 mAh
Dimensions 97 x 45 x 21 mm
Charging time 5 hours
Remote control Yes