GSM Electrical Socket


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This GSM electrical listening socket is the typical model of a socket found in your local hardware / electronic store. It must be installed by a professional or an electrician as the installation itself can be complicated for people who do not have experience with working with electrical current. The advantage is the complete disguise and functionality of this device.

2 in stock

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Product Description

The unit itself is using the VARIO PRO K+ module, including the high-quality Knowles microphones. The antenna is placed on the unit without sticking out, so there can be slight disturbance if placed in a socket where the GSM signal has difficulties to be received.
This electrical listening socket is equipped with a small 220V battery, so the unit will even work when the power is turned off.

This electrical socket is one of the best places to hide a listening device, although it is complicated, the reward is the perfect camouflage. The GSM Spy Bug in power extension is equipped with a noise detection function and a spare battery, so it will keep on working even during a blackout.

• possibility for non-stop operation
• not distinguishable from a regular socket
• unlimited range (GSM)
• VOX functionality
• fully functional power extension

Customer’s orders:
We are able to deliver customized UK/USA and EU versions of this unit, before placing an order please talk to your sales representative.

• 1 fully functional slot for electronic appliances
• 350g weight
• clear audio up to a distance of 5 meters
• Standardized dimensions: 64 mm diameter and the view side: 78x78mm

Package contents:
• GSM Electrical Socket