Concealed GSM headset for smartphone


This completely concealed headset lets you communicate undetected and you can share your different communications undetected with others. You only need a common smartphone.

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You hang the device (induction loop) under your clothes around your neck and connect it to your inserted smartphone. In the ear you carry an invisible and wireless “plug” that is so small that you can remove it only with the enclosed magnetic rod.
The application areas are manifold. You are on observation and want to keep in touch with the other observants without a cell phone. You are sitting in a business meeting and want to have an external consultant, who also provides you with tips online immediately. You are in the exam at the university, are poorly prepared, but your “instructor” at the other end of the line very well.
In the latter case, we ask for your business card because if you become a doctor, we will NOT come to you after graduation. If you should need the device for the Faculty of Political Science, we do not care, because there is no help anyway …! 😉


Product features:

-) Receiving radius: 15 cm
-) Well concealable
-) 3 watts of power
-) Bluetooth connection
-) External microphone can be connected

Delivery contents:

-) Headset
-) Device
-) Backup battery
-) Magnetic wand for headset
-) Charging cable

-) External microphone